Complete guide: features of expensive vs cheap dab rigs

The difference in features of expensive and cheap dab rigs:

Dab rigs can vary significantly in price, and the features of an expensive dab rig may differ from those of a cheaper one. Here are some differences you might expect to see:

  1. Material: Expensive dab rigs are often made from high-quality materials, such as borosilicate glass, quartz, or titanium. Cheaper dab rigs may be made from lower-quality glass or plastic.
  2. Size: More expensive dab rigs may be larger and have more complex designs, while cheaper dab rigs are often smaller and simpler.
  3. Percolation: Expensive Dab Rigs may have multiple percolators, which help to cool and filter the vapor for a smoother hit. Cheaper dab rigs may have only one or no percolators.
  4. Brand: Some dab rig brands are known for their quality and reputation in the industry, and may come with a higher price tag. Cheaper dab rigs may be from lesser-known brands or generic manufacturers.
  5. Accessories: More expensive dab rigs may come with additional accessories, such as quartz bangers, carb caps, or dab tools. Cheaper dab rigs may only come with a basic nail or dome.

Ultimately, the features of a dab rig will depend on its price point and the manufacturer. It’s important to do your research and choose a dab rig that fits your budget and preferences.

How to accessorise your dab rig:

There are many accessories available for dab rigs that can enhance your dabbing experience. Here are some common accessories that you can use to accessorize your dab rig:

  1. Dab tool: A dab tool is a long, slender tool used to handle concentrates. You can use it to load your dab onto the nail or banger and to help stir the concentrate while you’re taking a hit.
  2. Carb cap: A carb cap is a dome-shaped tool that covers the nail or banger, allowing you to control the airflow and vaporization of your concentrate. It helps to create a more flavorful and efficient hit by trapping the heat and concentrate vapor in the rig.
  3. Quartz banger: A quartz banger is a type of nail made from high-quality quartz crystal. It has a bowl-shaped design that holds the concentrate, and it is heated by a torch before dabbing. Quartz bangers are preferred by many dabbers because they are durable and provide a clean taste.
  4. E-nail: An e-nail is an electronic device that allows you to heat your nail or banger to a specific temperature without the need for a torch. It provides a consistent and precise heat source, making it ideal for dabbing at lower temperatures and reducing the risk of overheating your concentrate.
  5. Reclaim catcher: A reclaim catcher is a device that sits between your dab rig and the nail or banger. It collects any excess concentrate that might otherwise drip down into your rig, making it easier to clean your rig and helping to conserve your concentrates.

These are just a few examples of accessories you can use to enhance your dabbing experience. As with any accessory, it’s important to choose one that is compatible with your dab rig and fits your personal preferences



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