Does Plastic Grease Trap Works?

Are you curious to know if plastic grease traps really work? Here, you will find the detailed answer to your question. Before you find oil and grease separators for your food business, take some time in getting valuable insights into them. Instead of rushing toward knowing if they work or not, let’s first learn what a plastic grease trap actually is.

What is a Plastic Grease Trap?

A plastic grease trap is a container that is attached near the sink at a point from where the wastewater enters the sewage pipes. When wastewater enters the grease trap, it wipes off the FOG (fats, oils, and grease) from the water. The resulting water flows effectively through the sewage pipe without creating blockages and a foul smell.

Does Plastic Grease Trap Actually Work?

A large number of restaurants, cafes, and other businesses in the food industry have been using plastic grease traps for decades. All of them report that they face the least sewage issues after installing the plastic grease traps. Additionally, it makes the carry on their food business without frequent sewage maintenance.

Many of them say that the installation of plastic grease traps actually helps them in assuring a healthy, pleasant, and clean environment at their place. It also imposes a very good impact on the people that visit your business locations throughout the day. In contrast, you will lose your potential customers if your sewage pipes are leaking and producing a foul smell inside your restaurant.

How Does Plastic Grease Trap Works?

The functioning of the plastic grease trap is the simplest but its benefits are the largest. Let’s have a closer look at how a plastic grease trap works. When wastewater flows through the sink and enters the grease trap, its flow speed slows down. The solids in the water get accumulated into a removable basket. The water moves into it in a way that the oil, grime, and grease come to the top of the water while the water goes to the bottom. After this, the clear water with no solids and FOG (fats, oils, and grease) comes out of the grease trap through an outlet hole.

Depending on your use of water and grease trap size, you would need to clean the solids and FOG from the grease trap time by time. Doing this would take only a few minutes. Repeat the same thing after an appropriate time so that the solids and grease won’t fill up to a certain level. In case you fail to clean these things out of the grease trap, they would again start mixing and coming out with the water from the outlet. Therefore, it is important to timely clean these things from the grease trap to take out the most benefit.

Final Verdict on Buying the Plastic Grease Trap

If you are a food business owner, you must devise strategies and implement steps that directly contribute to the success of your business. One of these strategies that are crucial for a successful food business is to have a clean and pleasant-smelling kitchen without any sewage issues. For this purpose, installing plastic grease traps in your kitchens is a must. Go for it to enjoy the outstanding results.



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