Things that You Should Ensure to Prevent Dry and Frizzy Hair Extensions

Synthetic wigs and hair extensions are among the most popular ways to get more volume and thickness of hair, but it is not so simple to keep this silky and shiny appearance. Unmanageable, stiff, and wiry hair extensions not only look frizzy but also minimize the overall appearance you are likely to achieve. Here are some tips that could be of help to you in ensuring that you do not have dry and frizzy hair extensions while at the same time looking glamorous. If you follow these tips, you won’t say my hair extensions are dry and frizzy anymore.

1. Choose High-Quality Extensions

Thus, to achieve beautiful and silky hair extensions, then it is recommended to use quality products right from the start. Because they seem more natural and are more durable than synthetic hair extensions, human hair extensions are more often used. They are not as dry as most people would think, they don’t frizz as much as most people think, and they can be styled just like real hair, against popular opinion.

2. Proper Washing Routine

The way hair extensions are cleaned might affect how long they stay, therefore it’s crucial. Washing them more than once a week is the maximum frequency at which you should do it. It is always better to avoid using hot water since the hot water will dry up the skin by removing all the moisture.

3. Gentle Drying Techniques

It is also important to avoid rubbing the extensions with a towel as this will dry out the hair. Instead, press the garments firmly to get rid of any excess water and follow up by wiping them with a microfiber cloth. Air drying is the best method of ensuring that the material is moist enough and retained in that state. In cases where you have to use a blow dryer then ensure that it is at a low heat level and make sure that it is not too close to your hair so as not to cause more damage.

4. Regular Conditioning

Conditioning is important for hair extensions so that they do not stick together and have that fluffy look. One may also use leave-in conditioner to make the hair even more moist. Also, wash and condition the extensions at least once a week with a good hair conditioner to replenish the hair back its moisture that is lost during styling and make it smooth again.

5. Brush with Care

To maintain the quality of your extensions, it’s important to use a wide-tooth comb or a hair extension brush when combing through them. Sometimes hair gets pulled up which breaks it from roots. So, make sure you handle and brush them with care. This is good for the hair since it keeps the hair from getting tangled and guarantees that the oils applied to the hair extensions are dispersed evenly.

6. Protect While Sleeping

Don’t forget to tie your hair extensions in a braid or a loose ponytail before bed to prevent tangling. Remember to avoid using polyester fabric to cover your pillow because it can cause hair frizz due to friction. Instead, go for silk or satin pillowcases for a smoother and more comfortable experience.

Final Thoughts

These are some tips that you can follow to maintain the health of your hair extensions and make them look shiny, soft, and silky without frizzy hair. But if you take good care of it then your extension will remain a beauty accessory for as long as possible.



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