Top Tips to Find the Best GPS Dog Tracker for Rural Areas

Dogs and wide-open rural spaces. It is the peanut butter and jelly of our furry friends’ lives, packed with freedom, adventure, and exercise. Of course, this freedom comes with worries for pet owners about their faithful pets’ location.

A GPS dog tracker without subscription, such as Aorkuler, is a must-have tracking tool for a non-urban environment. Indeed, it is an excellent option with unimaginable functionality. But how do you find such a tracker for your dog? Read an ultimate guide to find the perfect GPS Tracker for your fluffy companion. Let’s dig in!

6 Must-know Tips For Finding The Perfect GPS Dog Tracking Device For Rural Areas

Following are some of the tips to find the best GPS tracker:

Don’t Rely on Cellular Networks

Rural areas have the worst cellular coverage, as it can be almost impossible to get a proper cellular network connection. It would be risky to rely on a GPS dog tracking device whose trackers are only cellular. Choose a tracking device that has a GPS, satellite-based system tracking technology such as Aorkuler. That way, you can track your dog anywhere without depending on a cellular network.

Invest Wisely: No Hidden Costs

Some GPS trackers, like most IT products, have extra subscriptions and data service fees. When used in rural areas, payment once can be significantly cheaper for a tracker than hidden recurring charges. Be sure to look for a tracker that will not require critical extra payments, fees on data used, and add-on accessories on the product. Buy a device that offers transparent prices and value for money.

Real-Time Tracking for Ultimate Peace of Mind

To the wandering pooch, a GPS dog tracker with real-time tracking is essential. The GPS dog tracker provides you with your dog’s location, speed, and direction in real-time and is especially helpful when animals have dozens upon dozens of acres to go across. You can immediately check your pet’s location and take urgent action if they go too far or harm themselves.

Robust Build Quality

In rural environments, the terrain can be unpredictable. Thus, the device selected must be able to withstand the challenges of outdoor ventures. To guarantee this, you must select a tracker that is dustproof, shockproof, and capable of resisting extreme weather conditions. Moreover, it must be waterproof in case your adventures involve exposure to rain, splashes from a stream, or diving in a pond.

Prioritize Data Protection

In a time of rising data breaches and privacy fears, engage a GPS tracker that encrypts data and employs safe data protection protocols. Your dog’s location and health data should be safeguarded from the possibility of unauthorized access. Such trackers can also help that work without employing a mobile app, which automatically eliminates this risk.

Added Functions for Convenience and Safety

There may be additional functionalities for some trackers, such as sound alarms or flashing lights. These are highly effective in a rural environment to allow you to discover your pet while on the move or hiding at dusk or dawn. This additional feature significantly increases the overall effectiveness and usability of the system, guaranteeing your pet remains joyful, healthy, and secure.


Picking the perfect GPS dog tracker for rural living is more than shopping for some tech – it is enhancing freedom with safety for your favorite pet. Stay away from being dependent on cellular networks, refusing to pay subscription fees, requiring a sturdy and waterproof body, and guaranteeing the ability to track 24/7 – and you and your dog are all set for a safe rural residence. Following all these four simple rules while selecting the ideal GPS tracker means that you and your canine companion are ready for a life of country living.



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